Moments in love

Love's awakening comes in memorable moments like a first glance, a first embrace, the first kiss … or that first whisper of “I love you” that seals it forever. At once wondrous and strange, warm and enlightening—that mystical spark when two hearts meet in love and a world of sweetness and grace unfolds before them. Capture love’s embrace and unveil your charm with Mouawad Love M—an adorably fashionable gold and diamond collection paying tribute to the eternal symbol of love and to the magic of love’s moments.

Inspired by the M-heart motif that streams through Mouawad designs—Love M empowers the spirit of love and reveals a sublime homage to the heart through this beautiful, finely-crafted and delightfully chic collection. Handcrafted in 18K white and rose gold, Love M’s remarkable beauty and quality is immediately revealed through its exquisite décors, subtlety of curves and finely polished surfaces accentuated by brilliant white diamonds.

To suit any occasion from the most formal soirée to a day at the beach, Love M pendants, charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings are offered in a variety of styles and options in the single-M or quadruple-M “flower” motifs and are available in plain gold, or detailed with single or multiple diamonds. Iconic, dazzling and stylish—you may just fall in love all over again. Celebrate the moments with Love M.

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