Beauty's universal secret code rendered sublime

Since the dawn of civilization, philosophers, artists, mathematicians and astronomers have all been captivated by the study of geometry. For within the most elementary shapes known to man lies beauty’s universal secret code of symmetry. Embodied in the most exquisite forms of nature, in the harmony of the cosmos and the ingenious precepts of art, geometry is the golden rule by which the ideal of beauty is given life.

In the Silhouette Collection, Mouawad artisans pay homage to this golden rule through the art of gemmology. Clean geometric lines are thus rendered sublime, with their purity emphasized by the choice of pristine white diamonds set in 18k white and rose gold: the result is simple, sophisticated and striking. Stunningly crafted earrings, pendants and rings take their place in the Silhouette Collection, each offering up a dazzling ode to beauty.

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