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Over the years, Mouawad has acquired a collection of diamonds that is arguably one of the world's finest in private hands. Some of the largest diamonds in existence take their place among the stunning treasures in this museum-quality collection.


Weight: 54.21 carat

Shape: Round brilliant

The Mouawad Dragon is an extraordinary polished 54.21 carat round brilliant cut, fancy vivid yellow, the largest ever graded to date by the Gemological Institute of America. Once the rough emerged onto earth’s surface, the rough crystal found its way into the hands of Mouawad’s master cutters, who transformed it into the sparkling 54.21 carat gem it is today. The diamond was birthed the Mouawad Dragon as its color is reminiscent of the Dragon’s magical powers and fiery eye. The unique striking final form of the Mouawad Dragon is a testament to both the confidence of Mouawad’s finest cutters and the innate strength of its hue. Truly a sight to behold, the Mouawad Dragon is considered to be one of the most revered colored diamonds of all time.


Weight: 111.11 carat

Shape: Modified pear brilliant-cut

The Mouawad Kimberley Star began as a remarkable rough of over 160 carat discovered in an alluvial deposit in the Vaal River in South Africa in 2016. This geographic origin is shared with other renowned gems that include the Eureka, the Oppenheimer, and the Star of Africa. Like its famous relatives, the Mouawad Kimberley Star is larger and more color-saturated than a great many other stones found in the region.

The shape of the Mouawad Kimberley Star creates a unique outline that is as reminiscent of the human face as the pear shape. The diamond was carefully fashioned to strike the right balance between weight retention and maximizing color reflection. This goal was achieved when the Gemological Institute of America issued a report stating the Mouawad Kimberley Star is the largest fancy vivid yellow modified pear brilliant-cut diamond they have ever graded. In addition, the prefect proportions and meticulous crafting of the diamond earned it the grade of excellent symmetry and polish.

At a magical weight of 111.11 carat, the Fancy Vivid yellow Mouawad Kimberley Star achieved a unique and auspicious record. The classic yet unique beauty of the Mouawad Kimberley Star's cut will lead gem enthusiasts to appreciate the gem and its brilliant play of color for many generations to come.


Weight: 80.59 carat

Shape: Round brilliant

Grade: J-VS2

The Mouawad Star of Viluysk was crafted from the legendary “Viluysk town” rough weighting 235.17 carat. The rough was discovered in 2013 in the Yubileinaya pipe (Sakha Republic) by ALROSA, one of the leading mining companies in the world which accounts for the production of 95% of Russia’s overall diamond output. The Yubileinaya open-pit mine was discovered in 1975, is 320 meters deep, and recovers diamond that are 358.1 million years of age. The Mouawad Star of Viluysk was manufactured in Russia by the Master Cutters of ALROSA, making it the largest round brilliant cut ever manufactured by the Company. Graded by the Gemological Institute of America as an excellent cut, the Mouawad Star of Viluysk is a true historic master piece that represents the pride heritage of Russia.

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