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Ceylon Blue Azure Ceylon Blue Azure

Ceylon Blue Azure


Ceylon Blue Azure

To create the Ceylon Blue Azure diamond and sapphire suite, a team of talented designers and adept artisans united their knowledge and skills in an exhaustive creative process. From the initial designs, presented in the form of gouache drawings, to the development of the three-dimensional models and the production of the pieces, experts worked closely so that the creative spirit of the original sketches could be transformed into an exceptional work of art.

Ceylon Blue Azure

Crafting the extraordinary

The design of this enchanting masterpiece was inspired by the fascinating cosmos, enlightened by innumerous globes and twinkling stars. For this, Mouawad crafted a remarkable set in 18-karat white gold, and adorned each of its pieces with stunning cushion-shaped sapphires from the heart of Sri Lanka, nestled among round and pear-shaped white diamonds.

Beyond its celestial aura, this bejeweled work of art also carries a promise of everlasting love, since sapphires have been exchanged throughout history as a token of incontestable faithfulness. The contrast between strikingly white diamonds and deep blue sapphires further enhances the radiance of light in this suite, making it a truly brilliant emblem of surreal splendor and grandeur.