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Imperial Desire Imperial Desire

Imperial Desire


Imperial Desire

The creative process of designing the Imperial Desire masterpiece encompassed a prolific collaboration between expert designers and adept artisans over multiple areas of expertise. Ideas were initially conveyed in rough sketches and preliminary drawings assembled together with external sources of inspiration taken from the most memorable and intriguing royal romances of all times.

Imperial Desire

Crafting the extraordinary

The composition of this unique creation was highlighted in a precise drawing method that helped Mouawad designers refine the work and find the right balance between the luminosity and density of the piece. The color, texture and size of the gems were described in meticulous detail, invoking strict design standards.

Beyond the inspiration, the design played on the opulence of materials and the radiance of light. The intense hues of the rare rubies chosen as center stones created a dazzling contrast of color that further enhanced the dramatic feel. These fiery gems were also painstakingly mounted on classic prong settings that gave them greater prominence and improved their light performance. Ultimately, each piece of the Imperial Desire was refined to give way to a new emotion: from the interlaced lavish backdrop of diamonds to the vivid rubies trickling down.