Shining a light on extraordinary time

October 26, 2020

Diamond and ruby-studded Mouawad Grande Ellipse Galaxy is the star of a new Mouawad video

Fully studded with diamonds and rubies, featuring intricate complications and a unique design, the Mouawad Grande Ellipse Galaxy is a sparkling emblem of Mouawad’s distinguished legacy of crafting the extraordinary – and as such, takes its rightful place in a new Mouawad video that shines a light on the heritage of Mouawad’s 130 years of watchmaking traditions.

Combining precise skills, exceptional artistry, and the highest levels of technological innovation, Mouawad has been producing fine timepieces renowned for their high-end movements, intricate complications, and unique designs since the company’s earliest years.

The Grande Ellipse Galaxy leverages Mouawad watchmaking heritage in the heart of Switzerland and builds on the prestige of the Grande Ellipse name, which began life in 2013 as the first collection to carry the Mouawad signature. With its elliptical shape, the Grande Ellipse Galaxy also pays tribute to the Robergé Andromède series, launched by third generation Robert Mouawad under his signature watch brand, Robergé.

Designed for gentlemen of distinction, the Grande Ellipse Galaxy features a double barrel tourbillon movement, hand-wound with a retrograde date indicator and a 120-hour power reserve – making it a perfect fit for fastidious gents. This extraordinary limited-edition timepiece is crafted from 18-karat white gold and fully studded with the finest quality diamonds and rubies, giving the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking a luxurious incarnation where precious gems and impeccable timekeeping blend in one.