Craft a lifetime of precious memories with Mouawad Jewelry

May 28, 2020

Extraordinary jewelry ensembles for the unique bride

Every woman’s wedding day is a celebration of her innate womanhood and as such deserves to be filled with light and love in unparalleled magnitude. For the 2020 bride, and amid these uncertain times, Mouawad offers a selection of jewelry sets designed to transform wedding days with their exceptional sparkle and to inspire a lifetime of extraordinary memories.

Featuring hundreds of diamonds, each set is composed of a matching necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring. Hand crafted by Mouawad artisans, these exquisite adornments leverage Mouawad’s rich heritage of knowhow and reflect hundreds of hours of painstaking attention to detail.

White diamonds, the epitome of classic romanticism, are the gem of choice for these extraordinary suites, with each set being a unique work of art. From the classic sophistication of natural floral motifs to making a boldly different statement with the incorporation of Colombian emeralds, Mouawad’s bridal sets are designed to amplify each woman’s unique personality in shimmering style.