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Over the years, Mouawad has acquired a collection of diamonds that is arguably one of the world's finest in private hands. Some of the largest diamonds in existence take their place among the stunning treasures in this museum-quality collection.


Weight: 54.21 carat

Shape: Round brilliant

The 54.21 carat Mouawad Dragon yellow diamond is an exceptional gem of rare quality. It was discovered in early 2018 in the ancient alluvial deposits of South Africa, an area that has a strong history of producing some of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered. From its rough state, the Mouawad Dragon was subjected to meticulous planning and cutting that took over six months to complete, resulting in the chosen round brilliant cut. Although the most popular shape of modern times, a round brilliant cut is less usual in the case of notable large diamonds such as the Mouawad Dragon, which are usually cut instead to maximize the weight of the irregular-shaped rough. Even rarer still is to find a fancy-color diamond cut successfully into a round brilliant while still showcasing its intensity of color, such as is the case with the Mouawad Dragon.


Weight: 51.12 carat

Shape: Round brilliant

Grade: D Flawless

The 51.38 carat Dynasty was acquired in August 2018 at auction. The Dynasty was the largest and purest diamond in a collection of five stones offered for sale by ALROSA, a world leader in diamond mining, and was the most expensive stone sold in the miner’s history. ALROSA unearthed the 179-carat rough diamond in 2015 at the Nyurbinskaya kimberlite pipe in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The impressive 51.38 carat Dynasty is a traditional round brilliant-cut diamond, D color, VVS1 clarity, which also makes it the best quality large diamond ever manufactured in Russia.


Weight: 80.59 carat

Shape: Round brilliant

Grade: J-VS2

The Star of Viluysk was acquired at auction, where it formed one of a collection of outstanding diamonds offered by sale by ALROSA, the world’s leading diamond mining company in terms of carats. The Star of Viluysk was one of ten diamonds that first began life as the rough stone named City of Viluysk, discovered in the Yubileinaya pipe in 2013 with a weight of 235.17 carat. After cutting and polishing by ALROSA, it became the largest diamond with a form of KR 57 (round, with 57 faces) created by the company.


Weight: 111.11 carat

Shape: Modified pear brilliant

The Kimberley Star began as a remarkable 165.65 carat rough discovered in an alluvial deposit in the Vaal River in South Africa in June 2016. This geographic origin is shared with other renowned gems that include the Eureka and the Star of Africa, and it has historically produced more large yellow diamonds than any other place in the world. The Kimberley Star took its present form through careful and precise marking, cutting and polishing. The result is a sparkling 111.11 carat fancy vivid yellow pear-shaped diamond, and the largest fancy vivid yellow diamond of its shape that the Gemological Institute of America has studied to date.

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