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Celestial Hearts



Celestial Hearts

To create the Celestial Hearts masterpiece, a team of expert designers and adept artisans united their talent in an exhaustive creative process. From the initial designs, presented in the form of gouache drawings, to the development of the three-dimensional models and the production of the pieces, experts worked closely so that the creative spirit of the original sketches could be transformed into an exceptional work of art.

Celestial Hearts

Crafting the extraordinary

For this unique ensemble, Mouawad designers drew inspiration from the natural, everlasting beauty of diamonds. Wonderfully cut into different shapes, each one as brilliant as could be, colorless diamonds were interwoven together with 18-karat white gold, enhancing the oh-so-bright theme.

Symmetry and harmonious appeal were also main strands of the design process. The masterful arrangement of the fiery white diamonds cradled the stones’ unique silhouettes and created a prideful radiance of light. Combining precision, finesse, and refinement, the Celestial Hearts suite is a masterpiece of an exceptional character and perfect stance.