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Divine Muzo Pears

To create the Divine Muzo Pears diamond and emerald suite, a team of expert designers and adept artisans united their knowledge and talent in a laborious and exhaustive creative process. From the initial designs, presented in the form of gouache drawings, to the development of the three-dimensional models and the production of the pieces, a team of experts worked closely so that the creative spirit of the original sketches could be transformed into an exceptional work of art.

Divine Muzo Pears

Crafting the extraordinary

This enchanting set is an emblem of sheer grace, inspired by a colored stone that has been at the heart of thousands of legends since time immemorial. Mouawad craftsmen carefully designed each item of the Divine Muzo Pears suite so as to revolve around a tremendous pear-shaped, vivid green emerald from the very heart of Colombian mines. With its vibrant, soft light and majestic aura, this divine suite captures the eye and mesmerizes the soul.

In the necklace, bracelet, and earrings, the Muzo emerald hangs with unworldly poise from icy white diamonds of various shapes, assembled in ravishing motifs and set in white and rose gold. As for the ring, the bezel upholds the gemstone that gracefully sits on its throne surrounded by 4.83 carat of round white diamonds. Facing such unearthly beauty, time ceases to exist, and the gaze is locked onto the vibrating life blossoming in this masterpiece.