Majestic Majestic





To create the Majestic diamond suite, a team of expert designers and adept artisans united their knowledge and talent in an exhaustive creative process. From the initial designs, presented in the form of gouache drawings, to the development of the three-dimensional models and the production of the pieces, experts worked closely so that the creative spirit of the original sketches could be transformed into an exceptional work of art.


Crafting the extraordinary

Inspired by fascinating regal love affairs from days gone by, Mouawad designers conceived this fine ensemble with utmost meticulousness, studding it with an unparalleled selection of pear-shaped, round, marquise, and princess-cut diamonds of magnificent clarity, meticulously chosen for compatibility and uniqueness, with a special emphasis on cutting and polishing to enhance their individual beauty.

Beyond its dream-like aura, the Majestic diamond suite is also a testament to the exquisite artistry of Mouawad’s master artisans. Intricately set in 18-karat white gold, each diamond exudes a vitality, richness, and sense of refinement rarely seen. With its alluring design and striking radiance, this masterpiece leaves one mesmerized by its rare beauty.