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The Galaxy



The Galaxy

The creative process of designing The Galaxy suite encompassed a prolific collaboration between expert designers and adept artisans over multiple areas of expertise. From the first designs, presented in the form of gouache drawings, to the development of three-dimensional models and the production of the pieces, a team of experts worked closely so that the creative spirit of the original sketches could be transformed into an exceptional creation.

The Galaxy

Crafting the extraordinary

For this one-of-a-kind set, Mouawad designers drew inspiration from the spectacular celestial structures and the beams of light emitted from galaxies. Inspired insights were brought to life through a collection of meticulously selected white diamonds in rounds, marquises, ovals, pear and heart shapes and princess cuts totaling more than 275 carat all handcrafted in 18K white gold to complete the bright theme.

Symmetry and harmonious appeal were also main strands of the design process. The masterful arrangement of the blindingly white diamonds cradled the stones’ unique silhouettes and created a prideful radiance of light. Classic prong settings further enhanced these attributes by giving the stones a greater prominence and passing more light into their facets. This combination of precision, finesse and refinement gave The Galaxy its exceptional character and perfect stance.