Crafting the extraordinary: a journey from rough to polished


When a completed work of art stands before our gaze, rarely do we consider the journey that it took to arrive at the spectacular result. Yet, with Mouawad jewelry this journey is of utmost importance. It is a blend of innovation, craftsmanship and in-house proficiencies that empowers Mouawad to daringly explore new frontiers of diamond artistry. This journey begins with the sourcing: finding extraordinary diamonds and gemstones from around the world.

Whether from the depths of terrain in South Africa and Botswana to the mines of De Beers, Mouawad always ensures that each diamond is ethically sourced. This ethical approach is an uncompromising value that has been enshrined in the organization’s legacy for over a century, since the first generation of David Mouawad through to today’s fourth and fifth generation co-guardians.

Once diamonds have been acquired and assessed, they then carefully transition to Mouawad’s diamond-cutting factory, where highly skilled teams of specialists leverage sophisticated technology to cut and polish stones with unrivaled precision. From the moment of sourcing through to the final pristine creation, every step in the craftsmanship process is proudly produced in-house. This allows Mouawad to guarantee the quality and authenticity of every creation, with every diamond certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

It is this journey that culminates in the extraordinary for which Mouawad is renowned and for which it is the choice of adornment for royalty, high society and celebrities across the world.

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