For over a century, Mouawad has been fashioning spectacular jewelry destined for its exclusive clientele of royalty, the wealthy elite, and celebrities. The creation of each masterpiece tells its own story, all commencing with the hand selection of the most exquisite rare gemstones. From here, the artistic journey begins as masterful design gives way to intricate craftsmanship, culminating in a unique artistic statement that could only bear the name Mouawad.


Yellow And White Diamond Suite

Shimmering with an intense and fiery allure, five brilliant fancy, vivid and deep yellow diamonds take center stage among a scintillating backdrop of hundreds of brilliant white diamonds in the extraordinary Dragon suite.

Le Soleil

Yellow And White Diamond Suite

Just like the rising morning sun, Le Soleil suite shimmers with a mesmerizing glow, blinding every gaze of admiration that turns to it. Handcrafted in 18-karat white and yellow gold, the suite features five breath-taking fancy intense yellow diamonds: a 62.34-carat diamond in the necklace, a 54.79-carat diamond in the bracelet, two diamonds of 20.72 and 20.10 carat in the earrings, and a 60.84-carat diamond in the ring, embraced by white diamonds of various shapes totaling 211.03 carat.


Yellow And White Diamond Suite

Shimmering with the warmth of a thousand splendid suns, five fancy intense yellow diamonds enliven a stunning backdrop of icy white diamonds in the magnificent Cinderella suite. In the necklace, an exceptionally rare cushion-shaped yellow jewel of 57.13 carat radiates at the heart of a colorless diamond halo with sheer poise.

Dauphine Ensoleillée

Yellow And White Diamond Suite

Radiant and exceptionally rare, this shimmering and cheerful master suite evokes springtime chic with its elegant and playful interlaced design and careful selection of simpatico diamond shapes and sizes. Handcrafted in 18-karat white and yellow gold, the suite features 580 blindingly white diamonds and 15 radiant yellow diamonds — totaling 216.44 carat.


Diamond Suite

Reminiscent of legendary love stories that stood the test of time, the Majestic diamond suite beams with a spectacular brilliance, emanating from a wondrous selection of D-F, FL-VS2 diamonds, totaling no less than 274 carat. In the necklace, multi-shaped diamonds are interwoven together in 18-karat white gold, effortlessly leading the eye to an exquisite D-FL pear of 15.23 carat.

The Galaxy

Diamond Suite

A unique diffusion of light lies behind the essence of The Galaxy diamond suite. A play of brilliants like a sky full of stars is demonstrated by 413 dazzling white diamonds of a variety of meticulously selected shapes and sizes totaling more than 275 carat.

Celestial Hearts

Diamond Suite

Classic elegance meets divine beauty in the brilliant Celestial Hearts diamond suite. Painstakingly handcrafted in 18-karat white gold, the mesmerizing ensemble features over 186 carat of heart-shaped, pear-shaped, marquise, and round diamonds radiating with heavenly sheen. In the necklace, fiery white strands align in perfect harmony, each ending with either a heart or pear – a dazzling effect that continues in the bracelet and earrings, completing a masterful chandelier theme. A stunning finishing touch, the ring is mounted with a wondrous heart embraced by diamonds, creating a beautiful token of love to be cherished forever more.

Divine Muzo Pears

Diamond And Emerald Suite

The Divine Muzo Pears suite dazzles the eye with an intense green glow emanating from five breathtaking pear-shaped, Colombian emeralds. The necklace is a poetic contrast between entirely pure white diamonds that circle the neck and a 72.40-carat emerald that reigns supremely as if suspended in air. The earrings pay tribute to the necklace with two emeralds weighing a total of 80.55 carat set in 18-karat white and rose gold clasps and suspended from diamonds. A bracelet with a 54.38-carat emerald at its heart, and a 53.11-carat emerald statement ring complete this masterpiece of unforgettable majesty.

The Eye Of Muzo

Diamond And Emerald Suite

The epitome of all that is green, the emerald has been a source of fascination and reverence across many cultures, with innumerable legends being drawn upon it. In The Eye of Muzo suite, the regal allure of Colombian emeralds is unleashed in magnificent splendor as 48.09 carat of lush green emeralds from Muzo mines take center stage, forming intricate flower motifs as they surrender to the gentle embrace of round and pear-shaped white diamonds weighing 76.02 carat. Exceptionally beautiful, this exquisite work of art bedecks its wearer and bedazzles its viewers in stunning brilliance.

Moonlight Forest

Diamond And Emerald Suite

Deep in the heart of nature, a shimmering shaft of light casts its spell from the darkness, illuminating the landscape as if it were a magical kingdom: such was the inspiration for The Moonlight Forest Suite. Lavish Columbian emeralds, so deep in their intensity, so radiant with life, are nestled between white diamonds that recall dainty leaves, petals and flower buds. Amid this stunning setting, the gleaming green gems beguile with their myriad, verdant hues.

Ceylon Blue Azure

Diamond And Sapphire Suite

The boundless beauty of nature is immortalized in the Ceylon Blue Azure diamond and sapphire suite. Recalling the mesmerizing grandeur of the infinite cosmos, stunning cushion-shaped blue Ceylonese sapphires of 187.58 carat, so captivating in their intensity, so vibrant with life, are intricately set amongst round and pear-shaped white diamonds totaling 116.21 carat. Gleaming with romance and royalty, this outstanding work of art is destined to beguile endlessly.


Diamond And Sapphire Suite

The deep blue hues of the ocean are marvelously epitomized in the Oceana diamond and sapphire suite. Setting an unassailable standard of masterful craftsmanship, the necklace is designed with intricate diamond florets, from which diamonds and sapphires hang gracefully, paving the way for the ultimate wonder − a stunning pear-shaped blue Sri Lankan sapphire of 40.23 carat.

Imperial Desire

Diamond And Ruby Suite

Recalling the historical intrigue of days gone by, the Imperial Desire suite’s stunning composition of gems renders it befitting of a royal romance or noble love affair. Intense passion is captured for eternity through the symbolic presence of rubies, representing a total of 51.77 carat, while hundreds of white diamonds form a lavish backdrop to this most majestic expression of desire.