Love, desire, beauty, harmony, and creation—these elements find their essence within the timeless allure of the mythical goddess Venus. Mouawad’s Venus Collection by Beatrice Ho pays homage to this potent femininity by placing heart-shaped gems at its core. This is a collaboration between two families with a rich heritage of tradition, innovation, and passion for jewelry and art. Here, the heart transcends its conventional symbolism, embodying the inner Venus in each of us, a radiant symbol of self-love. ​
Much like Venus's legend intertwined itself through the fabric of time, this collection beckons every woman to inscribe her unique narrative—an odyssey of reflection and transformation, inspired by the divine unity of heart and mind. Through the eloquent language of diamonds, pearls, and gemstones, the Venus Collection resounds with the innate power within every woman—a power to rise, transform, and embrace love in all its radiance.​


​Gems, each masterfully crafted into a perfect heart shape, grace the forefront of this collection, adorned with meticulously aligned pearls that whisper of Venus's origin in the ocean's embrace. Here, the union of heart and mind serves as a catalyst, igniting a passion for spiritual evolution and drawing love from the farthest corners of the universe. This message, intricately woven, finds its expression in four distinct sets. ​

Adding to the allure of this collection, each of these exquisite gemstones also comes in a halo option, emphasizing the resplendent beauty of the heart, much like the halo of love and self-appreciation that surrounds every woman who wears these exceptional creations.
White heart-shaped diamonds embodying eternal beauty, accompanied by a gleaming black pearl—a symbol that mirrors a woman’s enigmatic allure and unwavering power. 

The enchanting tanzanite gemstone and a white pearl, with its deep blue-purple hues, the tanzanite heart symbolizes the mysteries of the cosmos and the depth of a woman's wisdom. 

A vibrant rubellite heart stands as a monument to a woman's profound emotional depth. Adorned by a white pearl and complemented by white diamonds, this union is a tapestry of strength interwoven with purity, reminiscent of Venus's seamless interplay of passion and grace. 

Pieces evoke boundless horizons with its aquamarine heart beautifully complemented by a white pearl, an emblem of a woman’s radiant spirit guiding her through the uncharted waters of transformation and growth.