DECEMBER 1, 2016

What a better world would it be if everyone joined hands in humility, generosity, and goodwill. As the dawn of a new, hopeful year breaks, Mouawad has respectfully decided to give back to the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with the esteemed Emirates Red Crescent, supporting the education of children through the sale of specially-made bracelets; for with collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

With its launch taking place on the eve of the 45th anniversary of the unification of the UAE, Mouawad’s global ‘Hand in Hand’ initiative sees each purchase of a custom designed bracelet making a precious difference in a child’s life. Part proceeds of each bracelet are donated to the Emirates Red Crescent, with the sole focus of advancing children’s education and upbringing. Director of Emirates Red Crescent, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Haj Al-Zarooni, says, commenting on this collaboration: “This initiative reflects Mouawad’s commitment to corporate responsibility, supporting underprivileged children, as well as the Emirates Red Crescent’s engagement in humanitarian projects aimed to support and raise awareness about children’s right to education.”

For over 126 years, Mouawad has been creating exceptional moments that are forever cherished as lifetime memories. Making a thoughtful and beautiful gift for a loved one, the bracelets stylishly express the art of giving in a compassionate fashion. “Mouawad is committed to making a lasting contribution to the communities where it operates, and we are pleased to have this initiative launched in the United Arab Emirates,” says Co-guardian of Mouawad, Pascal Mouawad. “The bracelets designed for the ‘Hand in Hand’ initiative in this region are made with the intention of taking action on behalf of children in need of an education, while highlighting the spirit of goodwill. We are more than honored to offer education and assistance to those who need it,” he adds.

Featuring a simple yet contemporary unisex design, the bracelets are crafted with 18-karat rose gold and leather, and are presently available for sale at Mouawad boutique in Dubai Mall. Mouawad invites you to share in the creation of a lasting positive future for all with the ‘Hand in Hand’ initiative.