Miss Teen USA 2022 and Miss USA 2022 crowned with bespoke Mouawad crowns

Nevada, USA

OCTOBER 3, 2022

Two new queens have been crowned with Mouawad crafted crowns following the Miss Teen USA and Miss USA pageants at the Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada, USA, on October 1 and 3 respectively. On October 1, Faron Medhi was selected as the winner of Miss Teen USA 2022 and crowned with the Mouawad Miss Teen USA Power of Hope Crown, followed by the crowning of R’Bonney Gabriel on October 3, with the Mouawad Miss USA Power of Positivity Crown.

Each crown is a unique, bespoke work exhibiting extraordinary Mouawad craftsmanship and carrying a message enshrined in its title and design. For the Mouawad Miss Teen USA Power of Hope Crown, the message is that the young generation embodies our hope for a brighter future and the courage and strength to shape this future of which we all dream, while for the Mouawad Miss USA Power of Positivity Crown, the message is that by uniting and sharing positivity we generate the momentum from which to build a better future.

Both crowns evoke the flag of the United States through star motifs that symbolize the star quality within all women to create a brighter future and through the choice of gemstones, with red rubies selected to convey strength, white diamonds reflecting the goodness within all of us, and blue tanzanite, as well as sapphires in the Power of Positivity Crown, symbolizing a just and equal society, with opportunities for all.

Fourth generation Mouawad Co-guardians Fred, Alain and Pascal Mouawad commented: “It is always a proud moment to see the Mouawad Power of Hope and Mouawad Power of Positivity Crowns herald a new chapter for new reigning queens and to know that the messages enshrined in their craftsmanship are able to shine brightly, inspiring new generations to make a positive impact on the world.”