Mouawad and Beatrice L. Ho Announce the Collaborative Launch of the Venus Collection in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

NOVEMBER 9, 2023

On the 9th of November 2023, Mouawad, represented by Fourth Generation Co-Guardian Fred Mouawad, joined hands with style icon and philanthropist Beatrice Ho to launch the Venus Collection. The launch of this special collection in Hong Kong follows Mouawad’s new boutique opening in the city and marks a unique and unprecedented collaboration in the industry between two families with a rich heritage of tradition, innovation, and passion for jewelry and art, and a tribute to their history by innovating together.​

A-list socialites and media experienced a heart-warming ambiance at the launch event, with a chance to witness first-hand the unveiling of Mouawad’s latest Venus collection. 

“Timeless elegance, a joy in self-expression, and a radiant feeling of self-love are the emotions exuded by the collection,” said Fred Mouawad, Co-guardian of Mouawad. “We aspire for wearers to feel a profound sense of beauty emanating from the simplicity, harmony, and refinement of these pieces. Each finely crafted creation in the collection is a subtle yet potent expression of femininity and of each woman’s unique life journey and legacy on Earth.”

There was not a particularly memorable moment since the whole journey has been nothing short of inspiring and an unparalleled learning experience for me,” said Beatrice Ho. “I am very privileged to have Fred as the perfect mentor. As a prestigious and world-renowned brand, it comes as no surprise that his distinguished Mouawad team has been working alongside me to execute my vision to the finest quality, with the highest attention to detail, resulting in an inspiring collection that is both elegant and functional, and conveys a strong message of self-love and spiritual growth to all wearers.

The Venus Collection pays tribute to the mythical goddess of love and the resonance of powerful femininity by placing heart-shaped gems at its core. The heart transcends its traditional symbolism and embodies the Venus within each of us as a radiant emblem of self-love. Pearls are also integral to this collection, representing wisdom but also alluding to Venus’s oceanic origins. The position of the pearls is in precise alignment with the hearts, serving as a reminder of the need to balance mind and heart for true spiritual growth.​

The collection comprises four pieces – a necklace, bracelet, earring, and ring – and one of the exciting and innovative features is that the original gemstones and pearls can be interchanged. This gives the opportunity to etch one’s own narrative in whichever choice of adornment through the language of gemstones. In addition to giving a freshness and versatility through infinite possibilities for styling, it also enhances the invitation for this jewelry to be a means of self-love and self-expression.

About Beatrice Ho

Beatrice Lucina Ho is a Princeton-educated Hong Kong socialite, who spends her time between Hong Kong and New York City. Handpicked by Tatler Asia as a recipient of Asia’s Most Stylish 2022, Beatrice is an internationally recognized style icon, and with her unparalleled beauty expertise and keen aesthetic eye, she is currently active as a contributing editor and guest reporter for Vogue Hong Kong. The granddaughter of the late Dr. Stanley Ho, Beatrice is also continuing his legacy as an active philanthropist.