Every natural diamond is unique, just like your own love story. Discover our enchanting collection of Mouawad engagement rings, crafted with one-of-a-kind diamonds.


Radiating a sense of timeless beauty, the M Classique collection effervesces with enduring elegance and sophistication, brought to life by diamonds cradled by the collection’s signature "M" prong, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that defines Mouawad, a promise etched in brilliance.


The Sera Collection is a testament to the timeless beauty and grace of angels, capturing their radiant essence in the unforgettable sparkle of diamonds. This heavenly allure is an invitation to every woman to embrace her inner seraph, discovering her true reflection in the ethereal brilliance of diamonds in her own unique way. 


Elegance in its purest form, La Classique engagement rings epitomize timeless sophistication. With traditional prong settings that gracefully cradle a radiant diamond as the central masterpiece, La Classique rings capture the essence of enduring love and classic beauty. ​​


Symphony engagement rings are the epitome of harmonious beauty and exquisite detail, reflecting a love story eternally celebrated by a symphony of light. Each ring offers a dazzling central diamond surrounded by micropavé diamonds gracefully encircling the center stone to mesmerizing effect.


Trista engagement rings artfully offer the timeless sophistication of a central diamond held in a gentle embrace by elegant arched prong settings. Each Trista ring is a testament to individuality and a love story that dares to be different. ​​