Paying tribute to the values of the Miss Universe Organization and the platform it gives to women to use their voices as a driver for positive change, the Mouawad Miss Universe 2022 Force for Good Crown is a unique, bespoke work emanating Mouawad’s passion for crafting the extraordinary and featuring the meticulous setting of sapphires and diamonds, whose design symbolizes the dynamics at play when taking action to bring about any fundamental change. The main motifs of the crown are rippling waves, which represent the need for any call for change to be repeated across time and to various audiences in order to build the momentum necessary for change to emerge. The ultimate goal of change for good is represented by a 45.14 carat royal blue sapphire that stands victorious at the peak of the crown.


Reflecting the point that significant change does not happen in an instant but only after a sustained effort over time, the base of the crown is set with diamonds symbolizing the status quo. As the eye moves upward from the base of the crown, the color gradient changes from the glistening white of diamonds to the warm blue of sapphires, deepening in intensity toward the pinnacle of the crown. The royal blue color of the sapphire at the top symbolizes goodness and hope for a brighter future.The Force for Good Crown also reminds us that there is seldom change without resistance, as there will always be stakeholders who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. To symbolize these forces that try to prevent change, the abstract motifs at the base of the crown represent a serpent’s head and are set in white diamonds. These serpents are outnumbered by the rippling waves above them, meaning that ultimately they are overpowered by the force for good.