The Mouawad Star of Viluysk was crafted from the legendary “Viluysk town” rough weighting 235.17 carat. The rough was discovered in 2013 in the Yubileinaya pipe (Sakha Republic) by ALROSA, one of the leading mining companies in the world which accounts for the production of 95% of Russia’s overall diamond output. The Yubileinaya open-pit mine was discovered in 1975, is 320 meters deep, and recovers diamond that are 358.1 million years of age. The Mouawad Star of Viluysk was manufactured in Russia by the Master Cutters of ALROSA, making it the largest round brilliant cut ever manufactured by the Company. Graded by the Gemological Institute of America as an excellent cut, the Mouawad Star of Viluysk is a true historic master piece that represents the pride heritage of Russia.

Weight: 80.59 carat

Shape: Round brilliant

Grade: J-VS2