Pure and yet playful, the innocent charm of seraphs is evoked in this collection by white diamonds that become halos of adornment with a seemingly mischievous spirit of their own. As this constellation of halos nestles against the skin, Sera elevates the emotions to a world far beyond the ordinary. This heavenly allure is an invitation to every woman to embrace her inner seraph, discovering her true reflection in the ethereal brilliance of diamonds in her own unique way.


​Crafted from the luminous embrace of 18k white and also yellow gold, every treasure within the Sera Collection serves as a tribute to purity, a symphony of white diamonds converging to form halos of bliss. The meticulous craftsmanship behind this exquisite collection is exemplified by several subtle design elements. The use of pavé flush rear settings on earrings adds a layer of sophistication and attention to detail, enhancing the visual appeal and elevating the halo effect, as if diamonds floated in a magical embrace.
The solo climber earring, meanwhile, stands out as a symbol of empowerment, encouraging every woman to share her style with confidence and grace. Asymmetrical placements are pivotal to this collection, creating a sense of dynamism and uniqueness in each piece. This reflects the philosophy that beauty is found beyond the confines of earthly convention, inviting everyone to celebrate their unique style. Just as individuality finds its poetic embrace in the Sera Collection, so each piece lends itself to any lifestyle or occasion. The collection’s contemporary approach to the timeless allure of diamonds makes it perfect for transforming everyday wear with sophisticated glamour as much as for elevating the most dazzling evening looks with its wondrous aura.