New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

JANUARY 14, 2023

The culmination of the 71st MISS UNIVERSE Competition on January 14, 2022, saw Miss USA, R’Bonney Nola crowned the winner with the Mouawad MISS UNIVERSE Force for Good Crown. The event took place at the New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, with 83 contestants competing to win the coveted title and crown.

Since Mouawad began its partnership with the MISS UNIVERSE Organization in 2019, it has crafted a series of crowns for the Organization, beginning with The Power of Unity Crown for the international competition and followed by the Power of Positivity Crown for Miss USA, the Power of Hope Crown for Miss Teen USA and three crowns to date for Miss UNIVERSE Thailand. The Mouawad MISS UNIVERSE Force for Good Crown is the latest creation for MISS UNIVERSE to be unveiled by Mouawad, with MISS UNIVERSE 2022 R’Bonney Nola receiving the honor of being the first reigning titleholder to wear it as a crown.

Valued at $5.75 million, the Mouawad MISS UNIVERSE Force for Good Crown is set with 48.12 carat of diamonds and 108.44 carat of sapphires in a design that pays tribute to the values of the Miss Universe Organization and the platform it gives to women to use their voices as a driver for positive change. Through its motifs of rippling waves and a color gradient that grows in intensity from white diamonds at the base toward the deepest blue sapphire at its pinnacle, the crown symbolizes the dynamics at play when taking action to bring about any fundamental change. The ultimate goal of change for good is represented by a 45.14 carat royal blue sapphire that stands victorious at the peak of the crown.

Bringing a dazzling sparkle to the 71st MISS UNIVERSE Competition was former MISS UNIVERSE American model and actress Olivia Culpo, who was adorned with Mouawad jewelry throughout the evening in her role as host. Her choices for the evening epitomized the master craftsmanship for which Mouawad is renowned and exuded the House’s passion for ‘Crafting the extraordinary’. Each jewelry suite of a necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring featured an incredible array of Mouawad crafted natural white diamonds whose inner fire and brilliance lit up the stage.

Fourth generation Mouawad Co-guardian Fred Mouawad commented: “Our congratulations go to Miss USA R’Bonney Nola for being a worthy winner of the 71st MISS UNIVERSE Competition and for being an exemplary personification of the message carried by the Mouawad MISS UNIVERSE Force for Good Crown, that through championing causes close to their heart women have the power to make a positive impact on society and be an authentic force for good that inspires the world.”