Radiant and resplendent, the Mouawad Miss Universe Thailand Power of Authenticity Crown is a unique, bespoke work of extraordinary craftsmanship that boldly reflects the key theme of the Miss Universe Thailand 2020 pageant - “Real U, Real Universe” – and amplifies its message through the choice of motifs and gemstones.
​In an age when we are constantly surrounded by the pressure of social media and influence of others to conform, the message to be true to yourself and celebrate what makes you unique has never been more relevant. The Power of Authenticity crown is a sparkling tribute to this message, and an expertly crafted work of art reminding us that beauty comes from within, from recognizing our true selves and that we each have a unique contribution to offer to the world.


The Power of Authenticity crown has been designed to incorporate authentic motifs that celebrate Thailand’s noble heritage, with the crown’s base recalling the traditional headwear of the Ayutthaya nobility and the upper motifs inspired by the intricate patterns of Thai temples. Such motifs are emblematic of how values of craft and skill are entwined with beauty in Thai culture and how intelligence and talent have long been considered as the essence of nobility.

The choice of gemstones reflect the colours of the Thai national flag while also carrying a deeper symbolism: white symbolises the purity that is inherent in authenticity, sincerity and inner wisdom, the boldness of red is the power that is unleashed when being true to ourselves, and blue evokes the nobility associated with speaking the truth and living a life of purpose.