Radiant and resplendent, the Mouawad Miss USA Power of Positivity Crown is a unique, bespoke work of extraordinary craftsmanship that carries with it a vital message – that by uniting and sharing positivity we generate the momentum from which to build a better future. The Mouawad Miss USA Power of Positivity Crown joins the Mouawad Miss Universe Power of Unity Crown and Miss Teen USA Power of Hope Crown in a trilogy of dazzling creations whose combined message - Unity, Hope, Positivity - reminds us of the greatness and goodness that can be achieved when women unite.


For this unique creation, Mouawad designers drew inspiration from values associated with The Miss Universe Organization, such as strength, women’s empowerment and the bonds that unite communities. Thus, Mouawad’s expert designers envisaged a crown that would not only reflect the beauty and nobility of its wearer but also carry with it a powerful and uplifting message. Motifs of petals, leaves and vines, crafted in 18-karat gold and set with white diamonds, represent communities across the nation whose bonds unite them in the same purpose of empowering one another to become a force for good. The crown’s centrepieces, five blue tanzanite gemstones haloed by diamonds, shimmer with an effervescence that evokes positivity. The star motifs recall the flag of the United States of America and symbolize the star quality within all women to create a brighter future. Ruby, tanzanite, blue sapphire and diamond reflect the colors of the United States flag while also reflecting the qualities associated with these colors: red for strength, white for the goodness within all of us, and blue for a just and equal society, with opportunities for all.​