The Mouawad Pink is a pink natural VS1 diamond with a cushion octagonal modified shape, and weighing 21.06 carats. The combination and modified cut brings out the brilliance and shows off the color of the diamond as in emerald-cut diamonds.

Named by its owner, Robert Mouawad, the Mouawad Pink continues the legacy of the remarkable Mouawad diamond collection. The renowned jewelry family, diamond connoisseurs and collectors currently have a collection of around 20 famous, historic and modern rare diamonds. The Mouawad diamond collection is arguably one of the largest, most valuable diamond collections in the world. The Mouawad Pink diamond is the smallest of the Mouawad collection, yet has a remarkable position due to its rareness and unique shape and with an estimated value of over $12 million US dollars.

Weight: 21.06 carats

Shape: Cushion Octagonal Modified

Grade: Pink Natural VS1