The Mouawad Splendor is the 7th largest diamond in the Mouawad's rare and unique collection of diamonds, and is made even rarer for its 11-sided girdle, its D-color (completely colorless) and its flawless clarity. True to its name, the Splendor is one of the rarest diamonds in the world, weighing 101.84 carats and valued at an estimated $13,970,000 US dollars.

In 2003, the Mouawad Splendor was set in the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Fantasy bra, and received the Guinness World Record for the most luxurious and expensive piece of lingerie ever made ($11 million USD). The Mouawad Splendor remains as a spectacular part of the vast Mouawad diamond collection – one of the largest in private hands.

Weight: 101.84 carats

Shape: Eleven-sided Pear

Grade: D-IF