Celebrate Life with Diamond Moments

December 14, 2019

Every single moment of life is a gift worth cherishing, but some moments are particularly exceptional and spark eternal memories. No other gemstone can rival the diamond in its ability to capture blissful emotions, thanks to its timeless sparkle and connotations of love, romance and nobility. The Mouawad Diamond Moments Collection honors this tradition of cherishing life’s moments with a selection of jewelry crafted from 18k white, yellow and rose gold, and all featuring diamonds. Exuding classic charm and contemporary appeal, Diamond Moments make the perfect choice to honor a special milestone, celebrate a blissful union, or act as an expression of love, whether for others or for life itself. The elegant simplicity of each piece imbues them with versatility, being suited to adding glamour to daywear as much as elevating evening wear to the realm of pure luxury. No matter how they are worn, Diamond Moments are a beautiful expression of joie de vivre.