Magnificent attire for a splendid year

January 8, 2019

As usual, Mouawad crafts extraordinary jewelry to meet your longing desire for splendor and class. Mouawad’s dedication is portrayed in astonishing collections of royal diamonds. Meticulously made with extreme care, diamonds are the perfect answer for sheer elegance and unrivalled radiance.

Mouawad has linked spectacular diamonds with the charm of the festive season. Dedicated craftsmen correlate purity of diamonds with the sparkling festive season, creating a delicate melody and a perfect harmony.

Mouawad’s diamonds add a vivid beauty to your holidays. What is better than traveling enraptured with solemn diamonds? Unleash your charm this festive season with the blazingly brilliant Cruise Collection - a ravishing creation only by Mouawad.Celebrate timeless feelings of glamour with the new Diamond Classics Collection and indulge in the world of luxury wearing sumptuous sets.

Add a dazzling touch to your new year's look with pure diamonds as bright as your spirit. Nothing beats welcoming a new year with opulent diamond sets and nothing compares to Mouawad’s Diamond Classics - crafted to perfection. Step into a new year with your head held high, surrounded by astonishing diamonds. Take center stage in all gatherings with Mouawad’s glamorous collections resembling a queen on her throne. Diamonds are a woman's best friend and Mouawad’s diamonds are your ultimate companion for an unforgettable journey of refinement and prestige.