December 25, 2018

Mouawad’s master artisans crafted ruby sets especially for this season, adding a burst of lavish radiance and surreal splendor. Ruby depicts love, energy, passion and insatiable zest for life. Creating a wonderful harmony, Mouawad has combined vibrant ruby sets with the warmth of the festive season, achieving perfect balance and immaculate scintillation. Mouawad’s skilled craftsmen have carefully handpicked finest ruby sets with unrivalled meticulousness and uncompromising refinement.

This is the perfect time of the year to rejoice family gatherings with exceptional ruby sets bedazzling the eyes. There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than with a ravishing ruby creation, emanating resplendence beyond compare. Deemed as the gemstone of the year, ruby is distinguished with the powerful red color, the primary color for the Christmas season. Considered as the Stone of Divine Creativity, ruby is the ideal choice for the festive season, with its sumptuous bold red color, exuding confidence, power and nobility.

The exceptional allure of rubies is unleashed in Mouawad’s special sets for Christmas. Celebrate unforgettable moments and cherish endless instants of love with sublime rubies that warm the heart. Revel memorable times with Mouawad’s distinctive rubies, spreading compassion, connection and love. Exceptionally impressive, ruby is the ultimate precursor for passion and grandeur. Captivate the beholders, this festive season, with ruby’s phenomenal hues. This sumptuous brilliant gem is all you need to create a mesmerizing Christmas attire.